AutoPilot Program

Consider AutoPilot

We encourage you to consider our Autopilot Program. The process can be paperless and done completely online. You start by completing a Riskalyze profile to accurately determine the level of investment risk you're comfortable with. Then you can aggregate all of your investments (like 401(k), Roth IRA, online brokerage and mutual fund accounts) to better keep track of everything in one convenient place. Finally, you can enter how much money you are currently saving each year, your age and when you'd like to retire.

AutoPilot Minimum: $5,000

You can then establish a liquid, low cost ETF portfolio with a minimum initial investment of $5,000 and manage it all online - on AutoPilot. The portfolio has no penalty periods or commitments to remain invested for a minimum length of time. It is a liquid, no load ETF portfolio that will be broadly diversified. This is one way you can streamline and simplify your investment portfolio with a state of the art money manager and receive quarterly video statements from one of the money managers.


We are still here and able to help you with comprehensive planning and investing utilizing our full suite of wealth management tools, including your personalized website and financial plan.

Check It Out

Click on the AutoPilot link to check it out. You're under no obligation to invest; you can just click and read about this exciting new program. Don't worry, it'll be abundantly clear when you're asked if you want to establish an account and enter your personal information.